Ben Hedrington

Ben Hedrington has spent the last fifteen years working with companies from Fortune 50 to startup to create, lead and deliver ecommerce, mobile and digital strategies.

Ben spent over a decade leading in ecommerce, mobile and omni-channel strategy for Best Buy. During his time with he founded, owned and ran Best Buy’s early mobile touch points. Beginning as a nascent internal startup, scaling to almost half of the companies digital traffic when he departed in 2013.

As part of Best Buy’s Emerging Platforms group Ben co-created an industry first consumer help platform through Twitter, Best Buy’s Twelpforce. The grassroots creation empowered over two-thousand “Blue Shirts” to better answer customer questions. This work struck a chord with the industry. It won a Cannes Lion and appeared in the books “Empowered” by Josh Bernoff & Ted Schadler and “Open Leadership” by Charlene Li.

Later Ben focused on the impact of digital across industries beyond retail. From healthcare to industrial, from banking to B2B commerce. He worked with large clients as a Digital & Mobile Strategist at SapientNitro and as a Global Digital Product Leader at Honeywell.

Ben has recently started working for Polaris Industries as a Director of Digital Product and Technology. He is focused on leading at the intersection of customer experience and digital business growth supported by what is possible with ever evolving digital technology.

This Blog

This blog is a place where I poke, prod and learn by experimenting and doing. I aim to expose trends and find interesting angles where digital can benefit real people that might be missed or aren’t well explained.

Here is how I kicked off this blog way back in 2008…

I intend use this space to write about things that interest me in the web industry in order sharpen my point of view and build my personal context so I can make better decisions for myself and expose more people to the near constant changes afoot in this space with an understanding of what they could mean.

These posts are not endorsed by my employer and I am wholly responsible for the content you see here.