Leadership, Closer to the Metal
Worker pouring molten metal

Leading is tough as questions start to feel bigger, the stakes feel higher and the water seems so much deeper.

The big meeting is coming up, big dollars are on the table, big teams waiting to hear from you, big projects to deliver, complex problems to solve.

I’ve never done this before! Yikes.

Threading the Needle Between Inaction, Action and Reaction

They say feedback is a gift. New information you didn’t expect is a blessing. Surprise is the light of life.

But for your average business person any of these can play out quite the opposite.

The Space Between Strategy and Execution
The Space Between Strategy and Execution

I ran into this today, deep into an internet rabbit hole. Something clicked with me.

The space between strategy and execution is typically unmanaged.

I spend time creating and articulating strategies. I spend time executing and building. But the thing I’m constantly doing is taking a strategy, assessing our standing and driving a next step — an iteration.


Worker pouring molten metal



The Space Between Strategy and Execution
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