Thus, in the future, shipping will no longer be a concept. In the eyes of the consumers, it’s just something that happens the same way as all the other things you need to do in order to bring your products to market. via Baekdal All Shipping in the Future Will Be Free

Interesting point raised here, when shipping becomes a cost of doing business a lot starts to be questioned.

This flash diffuser sells and ships for $0.99 from china to your home in about a week. I think it’s time to start questioning the viabiity of a few of today’s tactics now.

  • No more “free shipping bump” that retailers are addicted for holiday periods and meet-our-numbers blitzes.
  • No advantage to buy “online, pick up in store” other than immediacy.
  • Less power for Amazon Prime unless its real people headline goes beyond shipping.
    You’ve seen that “Hey you knew Amazon has streaming…” interstitial in cart right? Astounding importantance to put something in the path of purchase.
  • And a through questioning of real “omni-channel” value to the consumer.