They say feedback is a gift. New information you didn’t expect is a blessing. Surprise is the light of life.

But for your average business person any of these can play out quite the opposite.

The new information that your project will be late. The feedback that your presentation didn’t hit the mark. The surprise that your budget was cut back.


The difference can be made here with how you thread the needle, how you take action.

Not pausing in inaction, hiding, waiting. Saying you need to corroborate the information but silently hoping it will all go away.

Not reacting too aggressively, too quickly and swinging the pendulum harshly the opposite direction.


Rather taking a clear headed, decisive but small next action.

I hear the project will be late… which element of the plan is behind? how can I help?

I hear my presentation wasn’t on point… where might I have lost the audience? who do I know who can help me see from another perspective?

I hear our budgets have changed… how can I revisit our top priorities? how can I communicate what’s at risk?


Your turn

Take one swift decisive step. Ask the next question. Get unstuck.

Push forward, don’t hide, don’t overreact.