Best Buy Mobile

Today Mobile Commerce Daily reports that our Mobile efforts at Best Buy rank third in a retailer of the year race they held for 2010. We are excited for all the positive words and promise we are getting ever more sharp on our customer focus and there is a lot more to come in the next year!

Mobile Commerce Daily: Best Buy takes third place: 2010 Mobile Retailer of the Year

Best Buy has taken third place in the 2010 Mobile Retailer of the Year awards due to its all-round excellence in mobile marketing and commerce, offering a strategy that is worthy of emulation.

There were many worthy candidates, but based on the nominations received from readers and submissions from this publication’s editorial team, Mobile Commerce Daily is convinced that Best Buy serves as a role model for retailers and merchants for its outstanding use of mobile.

“As a retailer we see a lot of benefits from getting a lot of more open, trusted information into customers’ hands by letting them use a mobile phone to get access to customer reviews and ratings from people like themselves,” said Ben Hedrington, director of mobile and Web strategy for emerging platforms at Best Buy, Minneapolis. “We want to reinvent ourselves as a connected retailer, offering the best of the Web and upgradiing our store by using these digital platforms and mobile apps—that is a priority.

“We’re not just focused on phones, but also tablets and connected TVs, and we think about all of these connected devices in the same breath as mobile,” he said. “We’re thinking about it more in terms of portability in general, rather than just the mobile phone.

“We’re definitely looking at impressive growth in mobile.”

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