In the early days of Twitter when we started Best Buy’s Twelpforce, Comcast call-center agents started @comcastcares and the like social media was about connecting to your customers and just simply helping them.

Real people connecting with real people, imagine that!

Unfortunately it quickly became clear as user counts grew that our folksy use of social media was in the cross-hairs of marketing as usual, they had just the push marketing (everyone loves push marketing) to fill in that channel space… all queued up in an Excel spreadsheet to boot.

Happy to hear that that tide may be turning back, if even just a little bit.

…pay attention to the growing public discomfort with advertiser dominance and algorithm-driven user experiences. As Internet users are growing uncomfortable with the now-established model of “you get free social networking, we get your data and eyeballs,” businesses need to do more than tinker with their social media strategies: they need to rethink their core approach to social media itself. via HBR Ello Is a Wake-Up Call for Social Media Marketing