SapientNitro Digital Agency

I’m making a move. In some ways a big change of venue for me in other ways an extension of where I have been focused for some time. An important next chapter in the consumer’s digitally enhanced and intertwined life is opening up I am simply expanding the impact I can have on it.

After eleven years at Best Buy creating and working on some great things both inside and outside the company I knew my next move was about sticking with the mobile and digital work I loved but increasing my surface area of impact. Getting involved with more leading and emerging companies, engaging leaders and expanding thinking, working on diverse problems sets from different consumer perspectives and unique business model needs.


I’m excited to announce that I will be joining SapientNitro’s fast growing Minneapolis office as a Mobile / Digital Strategist.


“It’s because the silos that once divided creativity and technology, and any lines between the physical and virtual, no longer exist in the real world that they don’t exist in ours.” SapientNitro

I still have much to learn about the company and clients, that’s what the next weeks will focus on, but what I do know is the role is something that I will take active part in growing and shaping as I work with the great team in the Minneapolis office, the national and international SapientNitro teams.

My thinking

Three things made this a clear next step for me. One, SapientNitro’s highly influential role with key clients who are looking to really move the dial. Second, their involvement end-to-end through delivery to the customer — not just creating presentations and parting with a good-bye and good luck. Third but most importantly, our shared view of the consumer’s physical and digitally blended future which they’ve brought to life in works like SapientNitro’s Insights 2013 which focuses on “connected thinking”, offering a clear view of the disruptive, exciting changes taking place in today’s omni-channel, always-on world.

I’d love to work with you

The title above says it all, if you are working on anything in the digital, mobile or omni-channel space don’t hesitate to reach out. I love to meet and hear what others are thinking and working on and I’d love to share the same. Please reach out to or through LinkedIn, I will update this post with my SapientNitro email when I have it.

Thanks and hope to talk to you soon,