Best Buy and Google App Engine

I was very excited to not just attend but be a part of Google I/O 2009, Google's annual developer conference. A Best Buy contingent of Steve Bendt, Gary Koelling and myself as well as uber developers Curtis Thompson and Thomas Bombach made the trip and were part of the Developer Sandbox.

I/O's Key Points

The keynotes (day 1, day 2) were both great heralding Google's confidence in the web browser centric future (woo hoo!) powered by what is possible in HTML5, open communications and collaboration systems like the introduction Google Wave and the cloud based power plant that is Google App Engine... among so much more. The whole time they hit hard their belief that developers outside their company, like the ones in the room, are the only way all this becomes possible. They left us inspired for where the web is going and future open architectures we can share versus build ourselves allowing the user, be it the end user or developer, the portability they need... great to see that becoming a reality.

Best Buy and App Engine

Best Buy was asked to come speak about App Engine and our point of view, that we have shared many times, that it projects a strong model for the future of web development that allows the creativity of a web developer to shine through and takes huge infrastructure and scalability best practices from Google and gives them to you on a sliver platter... no pagers to carry and drastically less system set-up and runtime headaches... growing into a true platform as a service not just boxes in the cloud. The Google crew shot a few videos of us, we'll see what was smart enough to stay off the cutting room floor!

We talked to many in the Developer Sandbox, answering the question "Best Buy? Like you mean the retailer?" more times than I could count but once we got through that relayed the message that we are out there, experimenting, trying, showing our company what is becoming possible on the web via new methods of getting things done, notably App Engine and open APIs like our own Best Buy Remix. It's a great time to experiment even... no especially at a large company that can easily slow down as I've said here before...

Google App Engine and Open APIs clearly show where the web is going, the playing field is leveled… get out there and deploy those ideas you say you have scrawled on those napkins that you say are going to revolutionize the world, the tools you need to prove it are out there right now.

...these movements only further speed up rapid evolution on the web, jump in now with two feet because it's not slowing down any time soon. Experimenting out in front is the key no matter your size. -Ben